100% Goodness


I love this brand, The All Knowing I introduced me to it, and recently discovered that it is now owned by Clorox (who bought them for US$ 925m in 2007), now I’m not sure I wanted to know that! The idea that this product is owned by a company better known for it’s bleach than it is for it’s natural ingredients might make me think twice about putting Burt’s lip balm on in the future. BUT, did you know they really do use only natural ingredients? Not only that but to demonstrate their commitment to being environmentally responsible, all of their packaging is recycled or recyclable. And it’s a great product as well.  They currently do a lot more besides using natural ingredients to demonstrate their commitment to the environmental and the use of natural products, lets hope that Clorox allows the brand to continue along these lines unabated.


Oh and by the way, there really was a real Burt, you can find out more about the brand here:



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