My New Shoes


What’s great about this brand is that they have come up with something that is a mix between a trainer and a dressy shoe that is really comfortable and stylish, and what’s even better is that most of their shoes can be worn with a pair of jeans or a smart pair of trousers and they look good with both. The designer behind these is Maxime Rautureau, and he claims to have created a new “species” of shoe, it was in 2000, that this Paris-based shoe company was launched by Yvon Rautureau (farther to Maxime Ratureau).

The idea behind this brand of shoes is that you “Push your limits with Schmoove shoes”, and that is just what I did at the weekend when I purchased a pair of their Jamaica Easy Derby’s and it’s true they’re more comfortable than an ordinary pair of trainers (sneakers) and more stylish than the conservative shoes I would normally wear.


As a brand I believe Schmoove have done a great job at developing a neo-classic look and feel that is often hard to find (well here in Australia at least). For more info click here

By: Colin MacArthur


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