Sydney gets Sayer


The lead news item here in Sydney last night was the fact that “Pop star Leo Sayer has become an Australian citizen”. Clearly THE most important event that took place on planet earth yesterday.  I hear there is a spot of trouble in the Middle East but it can’t be that serious can it? Surely not if Leo get’s top billing over it.  Now can they still call him a pop star? I mean, just how long has it been since he had a hit in the charts, anything since the 1970’s? Answers on a post-card please, the 2006 Meck’s remix of Thunder In My Heart does not count.


Leo was quoted as saying that Australia has given him a new lease of life, does this mean we should expect to see and hear more of him in the near future?  Leo was born in Sussex in the UK and I just bet they are devastated that of one of their sons has been lost to Australia, maybe they should try and encourage him to come home. Possibly the offer of a lifetime of clean and fresh underwear would do the job (he walked out of Celebrity Big Brother after a row over fresh underwear), I’ll even contribute to any repatriation fund they might set up.


Apparently people here in Australia make him feel like a “20yr old”, not bad for someone who is 60, which makes me wonder just what it is they do to him to make him feel so young!!?? Where as “In the old country” – his words not mine, they don’t seem to appreciate him anymore, “the old country” sounds almost colonial….   


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  1. conanghaudau Says:

    I love au

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