Just one Cornetto….


I was on my way to the shop near work to get myself a fruit juice, actually the real reason was to get out of the office for a few minutes to revitalise my flagging morale, and I saw one of those sandwich boards that are used for on-pavement advertising. This one happened to be for Cornetto. Anyway, I just glanced at it really as I was walking past, it was some kind of promotion for vanilla Cornetto with a competition attached to win an MP3 player. I remember thinking to myself that “that would be handy”, not for me but for The All Knowing I, who is still using a portable CD player. However the thing is on the blink and seeing as you can’t buy them in the shops anymore, trust me we have looked, it appears The All Knowing I just might have to embrace this fandangled new technology after all.


But where was I, oh yes walking into the shop to get a fruit juice. I wanted a V8 Citrus Splash one, but they only had the vegetable juice and I would rather drink my own urine than drink that, ok that’s an exaggeration, but it gets the point across. So I decided to get an ice cream instead, and not just any old ice cream but a vanilla flavoured Cornetto. So you see having glanced at the board on the way in I now wanted an ice cream, proof if ever there was some, that subliminal advertising works. So I paid for my ice-cream left the store and ripped it open ready to take a bite, but instead of the ice-cream I was expecting it was a plastic replica of one!!!! I was outraged so, I stormed back into the store and demanded to know what the hell this was all about….


…..“eeerm you just won yourself an MP3 player”  was the response. Well, that’s all well and good I thought to myself but what I really wanted was an ice-cream! The nice chap gave me one after all. And The All Knowing I will be getting the Samsung Pebble MP3 player which according to the website has… “Very high quality sound, and it also leaves off on your last song and the exact place that you stopped at, the batteries last forever. The only downside is that there is no screen. If you want a good MP3 player, walk past the Ipod Shuffle, and spend a few dollars less and get the better quality MP3 player.”  


Maybe I will start playing the Lotto after all.


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4 Responses to “Just one Cornetto….”

  1. Adamo Says:

    But isn’t this is the job of we marketeers: to make people buy what they don’t actually want or need?

    I think it’s also “morale” rather than “moral” but I shall forgive your sins on condition that when you subliminally see a Royal Caribbean Cruises advert you immediately rush to the travel agent to reserve your cabin.

    • macarthursmutterings Says:

      Thank you for the editing note – I know someone who writes blog ought to have better skills at writing than I do, but there you go… and to think my teacher said my dyslexia would be an obstacle. Hwat deso esh no?

  2. margie Says:

    so did you get a hard plastic version of an ice cream in your cornetto wrapper? if thats the case i could go to the shops and so a bit of a feel test of them to score my own free gadget, eh?

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