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The illusive six pack

February 27, 2009

sb10064385m-001Is it possible for a man in his mid (ok late) 30’s to develop a six pack without having to do 100 sit-ups every hour for the rest of his life? This is the question I ask myself when I look in the mirror and wonder why my once ever so flat stomach is no longer so flat.


I want a six pack, because modern society and images I see in magazines tell me I should have one, but I really don’t want to put all that much effort in to getting one. Now that’s not to say I’m all fat and pudgy, although had I stayed on that diet of McDonalds and Guinness that I was on for most of my 20’s and early 30’s I certainly would be. Oh…. Blast it now I want a Big Mac…


I’ve even been seeing a personal trainer, they seem to be the latest fashion accessory so I thought why not. I have been seeing him for about 6 months now, and he now refuses, yes refuses, to let us skip workouts and go to the pub for pizza and beer instead, we did this “a little too often” according to him.  I’m not sure what his issues is, he still got paid!?  Apparently if I want to see more of an effect I need to do more than one workout a week…. And where am I supposed to find the time to do that with all those movies I still want to sit on my fat arse and watch?


I think I might write to all the mannequin makers in the world and ask them, no plead with them, to make male mannequins with ‘less defined’ stomachs….

Gay Adoption Ad

February 25, 2009


February 24, 2009


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Taken the last time I was in London…..

Very good use of humour in advertising….

February 23, 2009

Gay parenting happens all the time in the natural world, and we humans are animals too…just a thought

February 23, 2009



A pair of male Flamingos at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Gloucestershire in the UK were “were so desperate to have a family” they started stealing eggs from other Flamingo’s nests. The staff were impressed with their parenting skills, an A+ for egg-sitting and hatching, that rather than ostracise them from their society when other nests were abandoned by their heterosexual parents the Carlos and Fernando as they are called were considered the best alternative to “adopt” the chick, just as well this is not in Queensland Australia  (or Australia for that matter).

For the first adoption the unhatched egg was taken off the pair and put into an incubator. Hours later a healthy chick hatched, however staff were worried the “flamboyant duo” would not bond with the newborn. This is because the process of bonding normally begins when the chicks are “calling” them from inside the egg. But not to be put off the staff put the chick carefully into an old eggshell, taped it up and returned to the unsuspecting couple’s empty nest. The pair were soon seen ‘talking’ (gossiping more like) to the chick inside the egg and a little while later it hatched for a second time – to be greeted by its loving new foster parents.


WWT spokeswoman Jane Waghorn said: “Fernando and Carlos are a same sex couple who have been known to steal other Flamingos’ eggs by chasing them off their nest because they wanted to rear them themselves. They were rather good at sitting on eggs and hatching them, when a nest was abandoned, it seemed like a good idea to make them surrogate parents.”


The happy pair have been together for about six years, and can feed their chick without any female help – by producing milk in their throat. Carlos and Fernando not alone, as apparently gay flamingos are not particularly rare “If there aren’t enough females or they don’t hit it off with them, they will pair off with other males,” Ms Waghorn said…..


This all gives me hope….

Flower Power

February 19, 2009


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Been practising with my camera, for some reason I seem to be drawn to taking photo’s of plant life more than anything else……

One Nibble and you’re nobbled

February 18, 2009


McVities HobNobs must be one of the best biscuits in the world, if you can think of any better ones answers on a postcard please…


They were invented by Julien Pike who sold the recipe to McVities who first introduced the brand in Scotland in 1984. They are made from rolled oats and jumbo oats, some would say they are a mix between a flapjack and a digestive, both admirable biscuits in their own right, but not as good as HobNobs. They come in three main varieties, plain, milk chocolate and plain chocolate (which I like the most).

Why do I like them, well they are just so tasty, but above all they are fantastic for dunking into a nice cup of tea without falling to bits (just ask Nanna Doe, who does so regular as clockwork at 3pm everyday). They are also nice and rustic, so have a bit of a “baked at home” feel to them.

Apparently they are also very common in Spain where they go by the name of Avenas.

A close encounter with a venomous sea snake, my worse sunburn in years and a broken toe are the results of my latest holiday.

February 17, 2009

fiji3However, I did have a great time in Fiji and have come home very relaxed and refreshed.   

On our first day there my travel companion and I took a walk along the beach and on the way back to our room walking on the perfectly manicured lawns we almost stood on a snake (what is it with me and snakes? this is my 4th encounter in 4yrs). We were so busy chatting (not gossiping) away we almost did not see it in time. I saw it first and jumped about three feet into the air, screamed like a five year old girl and ran dashing back to the beach….


Having left my poor friend scratching his head wondering what the hell was going on, until I stopped hyperventilating for a moment to scream “snake”.  He just calmly stepped away from the serpent of doom and then got his camera out to take photos. Once back to the hotel we found a friendly member of staff and showed her the picture to see if she could identify it. Her eyes went as large as saucers and she nervously asked us where we had seen it.  She told us it was a sea snake ( and that it was very rare to see them out of the water. Just to be sure we checked with the staff at reception as well, they confirmed it was sea snake and the look of horror on their faces did nothing to calm my nerves. They also told us how rare it was to see them, but somehow I didn’t feel so ‘lucky’ to have seen such a rare sighting. Of course it meant that for the remainder of the holiday I could not go near the lawns and whenever walking I had my head down looking out for another one and not at the lovely scenery. The sighting also brought on nightmares which meant my poor travelling companion was awoken a couple of times in the night by me screaming out loud in my sleep as the nasty thing revisited me.


The next day the weather was terribly overcast and cool with dark clouds in the sky, but still we sat by the pool for a couple of hours and chatted (not gossiping). Now why two people who live in Australia think it is ok to sit outside with no suntan lotion on, regardless of how overcast the weather, is beyond me!!!!  I even nag The All Knowing I all the time about putting lotion on, but failed to do so myself. Later that day we were both so red I think the windows from our room must have been glowing red like a prostitutes den (but no one came knocking). We had planned on having a day in the spa being massaged, but simply applying soap in the shower was painful enough to know that a massage was out of the question.


Happily the weather brightened, so we spent many hours huddled in the shade, so as not to get any more burnt, relaxing and chatting (not gossiping) and even had a day out on the tiny South Sea Island ( . It is so tiny it took all of ten minutes to walk around it. I had been there about 45 minutes and decided to have a quick dip in the sea and on the way out stumbled and hit my small toe against a rock, it went a delightful blue/purplish colour and the searing pain I was in told me it was broken (an x-ray back home has confirmed this).  So of course this meant all I could really do was lay about and relax for the remainder of the trip, alas no jogging for me….


The highlight of the trip for me was being able to just relax and spend time with a good friend chatting, ok maybe a little gossiping. However I think the highlight for him may have been the all you can eat breakfast buffet. My mother once said these were wasted on me and I think I have proven her right, but my friend with his four breakfasts a day would make my mother very proud…….  

Do you doubt yourself?

February 10, 2009


If you doubt yourself, wear something else – so the tagline goes….

Founded by Sean Ashby and Guyon Holland aussieBum is for those of you who don’t know (hello where have you been?) an Australian swimmer brand.

This is brand that I really like, maybe more for the eye candy it produces than for the product!!! I do indeed doubt myself,  hence although owning a pair of aussieBum swimmers, I rarely wear them. I am however seeing a personal trainer so maybe one day I will do a Baywatch run along Bondi beach in my red aussieBum’s.

The brand is said to have a very large following among gay consumers and the “fashion-influential” metrosexual man about town. The brand is well known for it’s creative designs, and they look to work with some of the best illustrators and textile designers out there to keep them ahead of the game.

Not only that but their marketing ensures they differentiate themselves in the category and they are probably one of the only brands of swimwear that deliver effectively to both a ‘functional’ and ‘stylish’ brand positioning. And I guess that is what gets my attention the most really, that and the fact that they make sure their product is seen on some very appealing models. Some of you may remember seeing the brand emblazoned on the backsides of those Lifesavers With Pride in the Mardi Gras march.

The brand’s advertising is built on a distinctly cheeky style that appeals to me, and I am sure it will to most of you as well so keep an eye out for it. How’s this for starters…

and to see more of the brand click on here:



When flying over Africa look out the window….

February 6, 2009


Who do you love…

February 5, 2009


Is it time you got a new job?

February 3, 2009

Great ad for a recruitment agency, the poor koala…..

Better than last place?

February 3, 2009

Can Jade do better than last place? Yep that is where we came in last years competition, in fact not since 2002 have we been placed in the top ten. We came 3rd back then with Come Back sung by Jessica Garlick, where is she now I wonder? I’ll have to consult Anna Kirk an authority on the contest. Oh and in case you were wondering it was back in 1997 when we last won with Love Shine a Light – thanks for that Katrina.


I believe the identical twins, Nicola and Francine were popular among die hard Eurovision fans, but at the end of the day it was Jade who won the public vote (and surely they know best!). The song she will be signing, composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber is “My Time”, prophetic title one hopes. And encouragingly Jade has the support of a previous winner, Lulu, who said Jade “ticks all the boxes, and Jade has got the whole package” so surely a winner.


So here is wishing Jade all the best of luck come 16th May (put it in your diary – you know you want to), and trust me she will need lots and lots of luck given the ridiculous political voting behaviour seen in recent years.

Birds Eye View…

February 1, 2009


At last some sponsorship that really works, not sure if you watched much of the Australian Open Tennis tournament, but if you did you will have seen what I think is some great sponsorship. Birds Eye were the official sponsors of the “official challenge” that players are allowed when in doubt about the line-call of those balls that just might have been in or out.

And why is this such good sponsorship? Well for a start I bet it has done a great job at raising the brand awareness of Birds Eye. I think the sponsorship did a great job of giving presence to the Birds Eye brand, it associated itself so well with this ‘spot’ within the tournament that it’s impact grew as frequency of the “Birds Eye view” were shown. Additionally by sponsoring this they have probably improved some of their brand values, perceptions of their commitment to “quality” must surely have been enhanced given that this sponsorship places them as an “authority” in making the right judgment, another tick in the box for successful sponsorship as a key aspect of any sponsorship should be the improvement or reinforcement of ones brand values.

Of course I am no expert, but I would hazard a guess that research would show that the impact on the brand relationship (which is ultimately more important than simply just looking at the response to the sponsorship itself as ultimately it is peoples’ relationship with the brand that you are looking to shift) would have improved, well it has in my mind – survey of one I know.

Click here to go to the Bird Eye website:

By: Colin MacArthur