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At last some sponsorship that really works, not sure if you watched much of the Australian Open Tennis tournament, but if you did you will have seen what I think is some great sponsorship. Birds Eye were the official sponsors of the “official challenge” that players are allowed when in doubt about the line-call of those balls that just might have been in or out.

And why is this such good sponsorship? Well for a start I bet it has done a great job at raising the brand awareness of Birds Eye. I think the sponsorship did a great job of giving presence to the Birds Eye brand, it associated itself so well with this ‘spot’ within the tournament that it’s impact grew as frequency of the “Birds Eye view” were shown. Additionally by sponsoring this they have probably improved some of their brand values, perceptions of their commitment to “quality” must surely have been enhanced given that this sponsorship places them as an “authority” in making the right judgment, another tick in the box for successful sponsorship as a key aspect of any sponsorship should be the improvement or reinforcement of ones brand values.

Of course I am no expert, but I would hazard a guess that research would show that the impact on the brand relationship (which is ultimately more important than simply just looking at the response to the sponsorship itself as ultimately it is peoples’ relationship with the brand that you are looking to shift) would have improved, well it has in my mind – survey of one I know.

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By: Colin MacArthur

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7 Responses to “Birds Eye View…”

  1. Nick Palmer Says:

    Brand relationship more important than response to the sponsorship? It’s like a bloody framework training session. Next week, different communications work in different ways

  2. kelpenhagen Says:

    nice spot Mr Mac – and good point raised. Take a brand and put it in a quite unusual situation, but make sure there is a link somehow…

    There is research to prove that putting a brand in an unexpected place makes consumers think harder (and generally more favorably) about a brand.

    And the amount of folks watching the event doesn’t hurt either

  3. Steph Says:

    I saw it and Paul and I both said how good it was! Great minds think alike. When you come over for dinner we will feed you Birds Eye fish fingers – it’s all we eat now as a result of this sponsorship…our brand awareness / consideration / repertoire of other brands has been eradicated!

    • macarthursmutterings Says:

      i LOVE birds eye fish fingers….. but they have to be served with Heinz backed beans and bread and butter (soft white bread)

  4. kelpenhagen Says:

    how the fuck do you get so many comments? You’re not that good…

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