Do you doubt yourself?


If you doubt yourself, wear something else – so the tagline goes….

Founded by Sean Ashby and Guyon Holland aussieBum is for those of you who don’t know (hello where have you been?) an Australian swimmer brand.

This is brand that I really like, maybe more for the eye candy it produces than for the product!!! I do indeed doubt myself,  hence although owning a pair of aussieBum swimmers, I rarely wear them. I am however seeing a personal trainer so maybe one day I will do a Baywatch run along Bondi beach in my red aussieBum’s.

The brand is said to have a very large following among gay consumers and the “fashion-influential” metrosexual man about town. The brand is well known for it’s creative designs, and they look to work with some of the best illustrators and textile designers out there to keep them ahead of the game.

Not only that but their marketing ensures they differentiate themselves in the category and they are probably one of the only brands of swimwear that deliver effectively to both a ‘functional’ and ‘stylish’ brand positioning. And I guess that is what gets my attention the most really, that and the fact that they make sure their product is seen on some very appealing models. Some of you may remember seeing the brand emblazoned on the backsides of those Lifesavers With Pride in the Mardi Gras march.

The brand’s advertising is built on a distinctly cheeky style that appeals to me, and I am sure it will to most of you as well so keep an eye out for it. How’s this for starters…

and to see more of the brand click on here:



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12 Responses to “Do you doubt yourself?”

  1. hp Says:


  2. Peter Says:

    Why don’t I see these kind of things in the pool I go to?

  3. Adam Armstrong Says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. There’s no apostrophe in “Aussiebums”. Tsk! Colin hath adopted the distinctly Australian talent of surplus apostrophes in the case of plurals…

  4. cMac Says:

    Pete – move to Sydney and go to Boy Charlton Pool….

    Adam – thank you

  5. Peter Says:

    You were meant to say: ‘because there aren’t any mirrors at your swimming pool’. Oh, well.

  6. Peter Says:

    No – but I do need kind people such as yourself to tell me!

  7. Yves Says:

    That’s why I loooove your blog! 😉

  8. aussieBum Says:

    Just got a google alert for this post. Thanks for the shout out and positive words. I’m retweeting this now. =)

  9. 2010 in review « MacArthur's Mutterings Says:

    […] Do you doubt yourself? February 2009 11 comments 4 […]

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