A close encounter with a venomous sea snake, my worse sunburn in years and a broken toe are the results of my latest holiday.

fiji3However, I did have a great time in Fiji and have come home very relaxed and refreshed.   

On our first day there my travel companion and I took a walk along the beach and on the way back to our room walking on the perfectly manicured lawns we almost stood on a snake (what is it with me and snakes? this is my 4th encounter in 4yrs). We were so busy chatting (not gossiping) away we almost did not see it in time. I saw it first and jumped about three feet into the air, screamed like a five year old girl and ran dashing back to the beach….


Having left my poor friend scratching his head wondering what the hell was going on, until I stopped hyperventilating for a moment to scream “snake”.  He just calmly stepped away from the serpent of doom and then got his camera out to take photos. Once back to the hotel we found a friendly member of staff and showed her the picture to see if she could identify it. Her eyes went as large as saucers and she nervously asked us where we had seen it.  She told us it was a sea snake (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_snake) and that it was very rare to see them out of the water. Just to be sure we checked with the staff at reception as well, they confirmed it was sea snake and the look of horror on their faces did nothing to calm my nerves. They also told us how rare it was to see them, but somehow I didn’t feel so ‘lucky’ to have seen such a rare sighting. Of course it meant that for the remainder of the holiday I could not go near the lawns and whenever walking I had my head down looking out for another one and not at the lovely scenery. The sighting also brought on nightmares which meant my poor travelling companion was awoken a couple of times in the night by me screaming out loud in my sleep as the nasty thing revisited me.


The next day the weather was terribly overcast and cool with dark clouds in the sky, but still we sat by the pool for a couple of hours and chatted (not gossiping). Now why two people who live in Australia think it is ok to sit outside with no suntan lotion on, regardless of how overcast the weather, is beyond me!!!!  I even nag The All Knowing I all the time about putting lotion on, but failed to do so myself. Later that day we were both so red I think the windows from our room must have been glowing red like a prostitutes den (but no one came knocking). We had planned on having a day in the spa being massaged, but simply applying soap in the shower was painful enough to know that a massage was out of the question.


Happily the weather brightened, so we spent many hours huddled in the shade, so as not to get any more burnt, relaxing and chatting (not gossiping) and even had a day out on the tiny South Sea Island (http://www.ssc.com.fj/South_Sea_Island.aspx) . It is so tiny it took all of ten minutes to walk around it. I had been there about 45 minutes and decided to have a quick dip in the sea and on the way out stumbled and hit my small toe against a rock, it went a delightful blue/purplish colour and the searing pain I was in told me it was broken (an x-ray back home has confirmed this).  So of course this meant all I could really do was lay about and relax for the remainder of the trip, alas no jogging for me….


The highlight of the trip for me was being able to just relax and spend time with a good friend chatting, ok maybe a little gossiping. However I think the highlight for him may have been the all you can eat breakfast buffet. My mother once said these were wasted on me and I think I have proven her right, but my friend with his four breakfasts a day would make my mother very proud…….  


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6 Responses to “A close encounter with a venomous sea snake, my worse sunburn in years and a broken toe are the results of my latest holiday.”

  1. Peter Says:

    Four breakfasts a day?! Did your friend have worms?

    Any road, the holiday sounds lovely, despite the incidents.

  2. Seth Says:

    It was 3 breakfasts a day! I couldn’t possibly manage 4. My body is a temple. A huge tumbledown temple, but a temple nonetheless. And the snake was miniscule. More of a worm. And that broken toe is a slight graze. I think all that Fiji sun has gone to your head. Anyway, I just found a pain au chocolat in my carry-on bag so I’m off for a quick pre-bedtime snack….


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