Happy 50th Birthday Barbie


March is Women’s History Month an event that traces its beginnings to the first International Women’s Day that took place in 1911, so it’s almost 100 years old. And at a spritely 50yrs old this March is Barbie.


I know the poor love has come into some criticism in recent years, but give the gal some credit. After all she must be doing something right to still be here fifty years on.  I can’t think of many other brands that have maintained such appeal amongst this target audience over such a long period of time. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying she is a brilliant role model for today’s girls to identify with, but that said she can and does have an effect on young girls (and the odd boy I know).


She is a bit like Madonna, no not the Virgin Mary but THE Madonna of “Like a Virgin” fame, how can I possible make that comparison I hear you ask? Well like Madonna she has done a good job at evolving and up-dating her image over the years to stay relevant to her audience, ok so those Brat’s are giving her a run for her money right now but I’m sure she will see them off in the end. Her main mission in life is to give young girls an outlet to live out their fantasies of what it is like to be a young woman. Over the years this has meant having a fine house, a great car, an imposing stallion and of course the charming Ken (I’m sure this is why me friend at Blue Sea Travel was such a fan, and I believe still is).


Now as mentioned these are girls ‘fantasies” of what it is to be a young woman, it’s down to the parents of these young girls to gently let them down as to the reality of what life will really be like (i.e. Ken although good looking, charming, has great smile and a nice body is gay), it’s not poor Barbie’s job to do that, after all she has got enough on her plate trying to keep that figure at her age.


So please join me in wishing Barbie a very happy birthday….

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