Party Time in Sydney


This weekend was party time in Sydney and the town was painted pink to celebrate the 31st Mardi Gras, alas I missed the party as I was away relaxing in a beach house with some friends. However, that won’t stop me giving you a few details of the night in question, after all I have some very good contacts…. The All Knowing I watched it from our apartment balcony which has a great view over Oxford Street where the parade takes place.

Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham was chosen as the parade ambassador, maybe this will make up a bit for the lack of sponsorship he has earned since wining his record breaking gold. The march also honoured US politician Harvey Milk, if you have not seen the movie Milk do so, am sure you will agree it was an Oscar well won by Sean Penn. As always it was the Dykes on Bikes who led the way, and they were followed by a miryad of bright and wonderful participants, such as sequinned bishops and those very attractive Life Savers With Pride that have been mentioned on this blog before. The “demure” Joan Rivers was also in one of the 135 floats. In fact a whopping 10,000 marchers took part in the parade. The parade originally started in 1978 as a demonstration against police brutality against homosexuals and over the years although it has become a celebration of the diversity of life it still acts as an opportunity for the community to highlight to the wider citizenship the inequality that still exists between homosexual and heterosexual people in many areas of the law, in fact the theme of this years march was “Nations United” which was designed to draw attention to gay rights.

Having viewed the parade, taken part in it and danced away at the party in the past, next year The All Knowing I and I will be volunteering to work as marshals as a way of giving a little something back to Mardi Gras.




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