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To beard or not to beard…

May 13, 2009


 I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about the fact that I was thinking of growing a beard, well trying to grow a beard and he almost hung up on me out of disgust…

Why is it some people hate facial hair so much? I for one am a big fan, always have been. Maybe it comes from having spent some of my formative years in South Africa where the big bushy Afrikaner beard was something for a man to be proud of.

Over the years I have attempted a beard and in the past few years I have fully participated in Movember, (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health. For more info check it out here:

 Now Movember has been a great excuse for me to be able to grow a moustache, but it has also been a reminder that, although I can grow an amazing 70’s porno style mo, alas I can’t grow a full beard. I have a few patches of skin that stubbornly refuse to allow any hair growth.

Since prehistoric and then neanderthal time for a man a beard was the norm, it is only in recent years really (in the grand scheme of things) that beards have fallen out of fashion. The rise of Christianity is in part to blame (everyone seems to blame everything on the Christians so I thought I would jump on the band wagon). Early Christian teaching was that facial hair was demonic and could lead to debauched behaviour. Funny how modern imagery of Jesus is of a bearded man… and of course in modern history warfare has had an impact. By the time of World War two came around military forces had mandated the prohibition of beards for reasons of uniformity, hygiene, discipline, or tactical demands (such as the proper fitting and seal of a gas mask) which contributed greatly to the decline of the beard.

However, the beard is making a bit of a resurgence, YAY I hear you all cry. Some have said it is because “men want to be men”. The whole metrosexual thing went just that little too far and we want to re-claim our masculinity. Another theory is it is about rebelling against the conformity that is so prevalent in our society and in particular in the corporate world.

Either way I don’t care – I just want to be able to grow one…..