To be or not to be…..


I recently signed up to do some acting classes, not really sure why! It is not as if I have hankered after a life on the boards, although I did act at school, and no I don’t mean act-up but there was some of that I guess.  Anyway, I almost changed my mind at the last minute, I was convinced it was going to be all…. “pretend you are a seed, now pretend that seed grows into a tree, and now pretend it is a windy day”.  But it turns out it is rather good fun, and as of yet I have not had to pretend I am a tree, but I might make a better one now than I would have a few weeks ago.  It is a ten week course which culminates is each member having to do a monologue in front of a live audience, a dead one would be more preferable if you ask me.  

The nice thing about it is the fact that we are such a diverse group of people, and there are some clear ‘natural actors’ among us who I am sure will do very well. The hardest part of the whole course for me is trying to remember everyone else’s name, this is something I am notoriously bad at.  Each lesson starts off with a game or two in which you actually need to know other peoples names in order not to be eliminated.  I tend not to last very long in these games, I know what you are thinking, “how the hell is he ever going to learn his lines”?. That is a question I have been asking myself, maybe I won’t ask anyone to come along and see me perform……

….to be continued


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2 Responses to “To be or not to be…..”

  1. Tom O Says:

    …“how the hell is he ever going to learn his lines”? And so to miming…

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