To be or not to be….. Part 2


Well, as mentioned previously in this blog, I have been doing some acting classes and last night we were all given out respective set pieces that we need to perform as the finale of the course. Each of us has to perform a monologue to an audience of about 150 people, which is 150 too many if you ask me.  I am yet to tell anyone when this performance takes place and am still thinking that I will wait till the moment has passed before letting anyone know I actually did it. This is of course assuming I go through with it on the night; still if none of my friends or family are there does it really matter if I fumble through my lines? Actually it’s not really learning my lines that worries me, it is that I am convinced I will trip up as I “enter stage left” and literally break a leg rather than metaphorically.

I have been given a section form a play called Division Street by Steve Tesich, not a play I am familiar with. I am playing the part of a character called Sal and in the section I have I am talking to a woman that I have not seen for years but she is the person I have always been in love with. It is a 300-odd word monologue which is supposed to be “heartfelt and touching yet humourous”. So far I have only done one read through to my class, and although I received an ok reception in my head I was convinced that I came across sounding like Mr Humphries from ‘Are You Being Served’, declaring his undying love for Mrs Slocombe, and even though I have not seen Division Street I am fairly certain this is not the visualisation Steve Tesich had in mind when writing his script.

To be continued….

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