Guerrilla Marketing

I am a real fan of guerrilla marketing and the recent trend in the ‘flash mob’ approach has generated some fantastic examples of how well this seemingly ‘improvised’ event when coupled with a viral marketing effect can get universal coverage in a short amount of time.

A flash mob (for those of you with your head in the sand) is an assembly of a large number of people generally in a public place for a brief moment of time.  The idea being that the gathering follows a pre-planned script, such as all 14,000 people suddenly descending on Trafalgar Square in London and signing along to the same song (see link for this T-Mobile stunt below).

The purpose of this is for the event to grab the attention of passers by in a way that entertains them so much they whip out their i-pods and, hey presto, within hours millions all over the world have seen the event (or as it should be called the ‘free advertising’) on-line.

Of course any company conducting such an event needs to ensure they have processes in place to effect a viral marketing campaign that will get them maximum exposure, some of these are clearly filmed on high-end recording cameras and not just hand-held shaky mobile phones. There was something much nicer about those early ones that had a more amateur feel to them; some are so polished now that they kind of lose that spontaneous reaction look and feel and they are in danger of alienating the intended audience.

See these links for some examples:


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