Cake Challenge…

I have been eating a lot of cake lately, well more than  normal and am starting to think I might even bake a  cake. Shock horror….

Anyone who knows me will know that kitchens and I  do not mix well together. I have these moments where  I think “I can do that” but really I ought to know better  by now.

However, here is my challenge to myself, I am going  to bake a cake that I will be happy to serve to friends  by the end of May (2010). Baking this cake is going to  be my Everest, I consider making beans on toast  cooking, and even that is a struggle for me.

The last two times I have attempted this feat I have  failed. I seem completely unable to get the timing right of the toast popping up in the toaster and the beans nicely bubbling in the saucepan together. My toast pops too early so down it goes again and then by the time the beans are done the toast has turned into something resembling coal. So that gets thrown out and more bread goes down in the toaster but then by the time that pops my beans have turned to mush and stuck to the pan….

That should give you an idea of the challenge I face ahead, those of you that follow my blog will know that I have successfully baked some scones in the past (with the assistance of The All Knowing I), as written about here:

This time I promise I shall take on the task all by myself, you have no idea how nervous that make me. I am putting this down in my blog to force myself into taking on this challenge, and you can help out by suggesting cakes for me to consider baking, you never know I may even invite you to come and eat it with me….

By: Colin MacArthur


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12 Responses to “Cake Challenge…”

  1. steph Says:

    how about baking my wedding cake?

  2. Yves Says:

    I could be your assistant now that I had several cooking classes…

  3. Wannabe Expat Says:

    I think you should bake a Brack. It’s just like you: nice and fruity.

  4. Karen Says:

    How exciting! You’ll need to make enough for all of us to share – so not just a cake but a giant cake….there’s a challenge! 🙂

  5. A lordly presence Says:

    Would it not be an idea to buy a timer?

    Surely, the biggest challenge will be delivering slices to your friends in England? When I say England, I mean Richborne Terrace…

  6. danielle Says:

    I am not so sure about this goal – jumping out planes seem to be more your thing. Cake, now there is a challenge.

    I also sit in this category….I have burnt down one kitchen (seriously…) and very close to burning down another in the last 6 months….I can cook, just get distracted by other things more important to me.

  7. Introducing the Chocolate Solace Cake… | MacArthur's Mutterings Says:

    […] I was feeling a bit eeeerm….. despondent today and decided I need a distraction. I thought I could work on a report for work that needs attention, but quickly decided against that and decided to bake. No not just bake, but to ‘invent’ a cake. I am not a great cook, in fact I am a real stress bucket in the kitchen if making a meal, but when it comes to baking I am not that bad, and I love the process. I don’t have a food processor so make all y cakes by hand and find the process nice and cathartic, oh and I loooooove cake too so the end result is always worth the effort. How things have moved on since I set myself this challenge back in 2010: Cake Challenge […]

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