Decided on the cake…

Ok, after some more research, which meant me eating more cake, I decided to finally make a decision about what I was going to make for my first baking attempt.  By the way if you just happen to need to do some similar research might I suggest a trip to Bourke Street Bakery, which is where I did mine. A strawberry brulee tart and amazing flourless chocolate cake, both divine and both too hard for me to try making.  I was given Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food book for Christmas by some good friends so thought it a good idea to pick something from that. Oh and it was Christmas last year, or was it the year before that I got the book? See I told you I did not cook.

I thought it best not to spend too much time reading all the recopies as I knew I would just read and read and not make a decision as I would find something in each of them that I would use as an excuse not to make the cake. So my criteria for selection was “what would I want to eat” and the picture of the “Mega Chocolate Fudge Cake” looked very yummy, and besides the name sounds great as well. Of course the trick is mine needs to live up to the name and be yummy!!! I think I might have to get some taste test dummies over to evaluate my efforts.

I had a day off today, so thought why not get it done today, lets not put it off any longer. I got out a pen and paper and wrote down the ingredients, one of the them was “blanched almonds” no idea what that might mean as I have only ever eaten roasted and covered in salt almonds but am sure I will get them in the almond isle in the store. Having got my list written down I then decided to go for a swim and spend some time with a friend catching up and chatting, about the cake I was going to bake… Ok so that took me up till 1pm, time to get to the supermarket. I was heading straight there, honest, but then I decided to have a coffee and cake with a friend on the way. I had a very disappointing orange and poppy seed cake, nowhere near as good as the one the chap in the café near my house makes. Actually I really like that, maybe that is what I should be making for my first attempt… nope I have my shopping list so off I go.

On the way I passed an organic health food shop and thought I would pop in and see if they had any of the bits I needed. Well as it turns out they had all but one ingredient I needed, fudge. Oh and no “blanched” almonds so I just got plain old almonds. All this only cost me a mere $52, WHAT THE HELL…… Do you know how many cakes I could buy for that?

Anyway, all I needed now was the fudge so off to Woolworths I went, but no fudge there, went to Coles, none there either!!!! I know Jamie’s book is English but surely fudge is something that the Australians eat as well? Went to a few convenience stores that sell confectionary but no joy then had a brainwave and went to the English sweet shop in Kings Cross. They sold it, in single little blocks at $1 each, so had to get ten to make sure I had the required 100g.

Anyway, got home unpacked my shopping, invited some friends to come and be my taste test dummies and thought I would peruse the instructions, and bugger me the first thing it says is… “this cake is best made using a food processor” now what the hell is one of those and do I have one!? I’ll have to wait till the All Knowing I comes home to check on that one.

By: Colin MacArthur

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