Baked by me… Honest

Well as it turns out we  did not have a food  processor, but hey how  hard can it be without  one? Well, put it this  way next time, if there is  a next time, if it says to  use a food processor I  shall go out and buy one  or better still make a    different cake.  Oh, and  those almonds I got were not blanched, and it said to use “soft brown sugar” how was I supposed to know that demerara was not the same!!!! The All Knowing I assured me it would be ok to use this instead. I know I said I was meant to be doing this all by myself with no help but a little advice on ingredients for my first attempt is ok is it not? Oh and I also had to be shown how to turn the oven on, not having actually done that since moving in almost a year ago….

Oh and did I mention that one of my taste test dummies who shall remain nameless (Keith) agreed to come round for some cake, but upon realising that I was actually going to bake it myself suddenly remembered he had alternative lunch plans, thanks for the vote of confidence.

So, firstly I got all my different ingredients weighed out and in little bowls, placed in order of when they are to be added to the mixing bowl, that’s right the mixing bowl remember there is no food processor. The almonds needed to be grounded, so I lay them out on a chopping board, put a tea-towel over them and beat the hell out of them for bout 15 minutes till they were “nicely ground”.  Once this was done I could start putting things into the bowl and mix them, the instructions said to add them to the food processor one by one and “give it a quick whiz” till the mixture was nice and smooth…. Jesus it took me about an hour of mixing it with a wooden spoon till I got it nice and smooth, and by then my arm had gone numb with the best bicep workout it had had in years.

With the mixture all done and the oven nice and warm it was time to pop it in the oven, cross my fingers and hope it all worked out ok. Now it said to bake it at 160c for 20 minutes then stick a fork in the middle to test it.  A little bit of mixture on the fork would be ok, but it should not be too wobbly. 20 minutes latter armed with my fork I open the oven and give it a little test, the fork comes out covered in mixture, and its so wobbly it looks like an earthquake is taking place in the centre of my cake. I surprised myself by staying calm and popping it back in for another 5 minutes (as suggested by Jamie Oliver). 5 minutes later and it is still the same, at this point my taste test dummy has arrived and I start to panic…. What should I do, take it out and hope for the best, or stick it back in and whack up the temperature? I’m too flustered to make a decision so thank god The All Knowing I was there to make it for me. It went in for another ten minutes and after that all seemed fine. 20 minutes my arse Jamie….

I allowed it to cool for 5 minutes then served it with French vanilla ice cream. I thought it was ok, but the almonds could maybe have done with a tad more pounding.

The All Knowing I’s verdict: “Really moist but not gooey. Not too sweet, especially considering the ingredients. You could taste the chocolate was very good quality (I used Green and Black). Would go down very well as a dessert at a dinner party. An impressive first baking effort”

I can live with that.


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3 Responses to “Baked by me… Honest”

  1. Frankie Says:

    I was priviledge enough to risk my life tasting this first attempt of baking …… and I will take that risk again anytime … I am not a dessert fan usually … but THAT was an awesome cake … really beautifully put together, great textures and definitely not too sweet at all … I truly LOVED IT and await the next invite when it comes out of the oven!

  2. Going Organic « MacArthur's Mutterings Says:

    […] My first step in going organic was to make sure all the ingredients I used for baking my first ever cake were organic: […]

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