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Well hung indeed…

May 10, 2010

What an amazing election it was in the UK. I  alas am over in Australia so missed  out on  the “general mood of the populace” but  nevertheless could sense the  excitement  through the TV channels.

Anyway, this election had one key highlight f  for me… I was away for work during the week  so was desperately dashing back to my hotel  between meetings to catch-up on the results  as they came through. Luckily Sky in Australia had decided to broadcast the live UK Sky programming, god forbid anyone watched the main TV stations over here for any insightful news coverage!!

Anyway, I was sat at my desk working away (honest) with the TV on in the background when I heard a familiar voice…..

It was Lord Norton (the eminent expert in all things constitutional in the UK and a Professor of Government at the University of Hull) being interviewed about the prospect of a hung parliament. Now at this stage most the results were in and it was clear the UK was heading towards an hung parliament, and the interviewer turned to  Lord Norton and asked “how hung is it?” and as quick as a flash and with a very straight face the Lord replied… “very well hung indeed”  it has to be my favourate election moments to date.

I have tried in vain to find the clip on You Tube, so if any of you happen to come across it please let me know.

You can also check out Lord Norton very fine blog here: