Twitter can be useful and fun…

I have been using twitter for sometime now, but am still not sure what I actually make of it. Is it worth the effort I wonder? Ok I know it does not take much effort to actually tweet about something, but I mean as a whole, what do I get out of it I ask myself? Apparently there are 106 million accounts on twitter, and this is going up on average by 300,000 every day, that is a heck of a lot of twits. However, about 24% of twitter users have zero, yes zero, followers (or ‘friends’ to those of you who prefer facebook speak). With 198 followers I am in the 3% of users that have more than 100 followers, but that is paltry compared to Ashton Kutcher’s 4,815,727 he being the No1 user, where does he find the time to make films I wonder?

You are only allowed to use 140 characters when tweeting, so no long rambling speeches, which is a good thing. When I first started using it I randomly followed anyone, it seemed rude not to follow someone if they were following you. But then I started getting all these annoying “make millions from your twitter account” messages and people following me that would clearly be very at odds with my personal views if they took a minute to actually look at my blog (I got heaps of right wing American Christians following me for some reason). So all this prompted me to cull a heck of a lot and suggested to several of those Christians that they check out my blog, they all stopped following me (thank you Jesus). I am now a lot more selective of who I follow and as a result I find twitter more engaging and worthwhile.

I have come to realise that it can and does play different roles for me:

From a professional perspective, I get to see some great articles (via links users post) that I might not be exposed to otherwise. Brand Channel for example is a good source in this regards

From an aesthetic point of view aussieBum never fails, their daily tweets invariably have a link to some nice eye candy that always cheers me up on a rainy day

I love a bit of sarcasm, and as such The Onion always provides an interesting and funny twist on news and current affairs

And in terms of celebrities, I do follow a few and the two I find most interesting and funny are Stephen Fry and Russel Brand


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2 Responses to “Twitter can be useful and fun…”

  1. Karen Says:

    Follow @BPGlobalPR. Launched as soon as the oil started gushing out, tweets are beautifully irreverent and funny as and BP is desperate to shut it down. 😉

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    […] The busiest day of the year was June 23rd with 233 views. The most popular post that day was Twitter can be useful and fun…. […]

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