I used to love a video rental night…

Oh, I spent many an hour walking the aisles wondering what video (yes video) to hire and now that will be no more.  Blockbusters has gone bust. I am sure this sad event will not come as much of a shock to most of you, for example when did you last step foot inside one? They used to be the giant of movie rental world, I remember seeing them sprout up in different locations across the country. Having a Blockbusters was something a town could be proud of, it demonstrated to your neighbours that you were a town that was looking forward, one that had innovative stores in it’s mix.

Heck I even used to think “wow wouldn’t it be cool to work in Blockbuster” ok I was a bit geeky and loved moves back then, oh hang on I still am…. anyway, having held them in such high regard at one point in my life I thought I should mark their passing.


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2 Responses to “I used to love a video rental night…”

  1. TheBlackoutBlog Says:

    That place was part of my childhood. Sad to see they couldn’t keep up with the changing times. Hopefully television will!

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