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Going Green

January 27, 2011

Some of you may recall I wrote a post about my attempt to “Going Organic” well I’m not doing too bad, still only buying organic milk, meats, butter and eggs and always keep an eye out for organic options when buying other food items. Another thing I have been trying to do in lessen my carbon foot print by being as green as possible. I am also more and more concerned about my contribution to landfills.  I don’t drive a car so that helps a great deal and if I ever fly I always pay the extra contribution to off-set my carbon impact. It’s not much and it is well worth doing.

We recycle all our glass, plastic and paper waste at home, made easier by the fact that our local authority provide relevant recycle bins. I also take home the plastic waste from work to put into our bins. As currently only paper is collected for recycling.

But another thing I did recently was to buy a few “Keep Cup” for our office so that we don’t use a paper cup (and plastic lid) every day, this means that I will NOT be using and throwing away at least 260 cups and lids a year (I tend to have just one cup of coffee a day). Just think about how many you might be using a year and maybe consider making this small but important gesture.

To find out more about Keep Cups check out their website:

China, Tibet and Nepal here I come…

January 10, 2011

For my next adventure, which is in June, I shall be trekking in the Himalayas and I can’t wait. I guess I will need to get a little fitter though beforehand. The trip kicks off in China’s capital Beijing where I shall be visiting both the Summer Palace and the Great Wall and will also be sure to roast duck Beijing style. Have a few days here before making the train journey to Lhasa in Tibet, this being the highest railway in the world, traversing some incredibly mountainous and remote terrain, very excited about it, I do love a good train journey. The remainder of the trip from Lhasa in Tibet to Kathmandu in Nepal will be made overland, by bus and some walking where and there.

In Lhasa I’ll be visiting Potala Palace, former home of the Dalai Lama and will try and practice some of the skills I hope to have learnt in the Tibetan lesson I will be doing there, if I manage to get a basic greeting correct I will be happy. Will also spend some time visiting Braille Without Borders ( an organisation that provides support, education and training to visually impaired Tibetans.

From Lhasa will be making my way to Nam Tso Lake which is meant to be one of the most beautiful spots in the world. After time at the lake will be making my way to Samye which is home to the oldest monastery in Tibet, will actually be staying in a monastery here. This is followed by travel to Gyantse and a climb on the way to the top of Hepo Ri for some “spectacular views” and some more climbing to view some glaciers and more peaks. From here will be heading to Shigatse, Tibet’s second largest city, where I’ll visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Whilst here I shall be visiting another project of Braille Without Borders.

After this I head to the small town of Sakya to visit a monastery that was built medieval Mongolian style and staying id some rather ‘basic’ accommodation. Hopefully by now I’ll be fine with the altitude and not be sick, because from here will be trekking up Everest Base Camp, apparently I will be able to use my mobile phone here!! Will then be climbing through some mountain passes to get to the small village of Lao Tingri  and spend some time with the locals. Then head for the boarder town of Zhangmu that takes me into Nepal. From here head to my final destination which is the capital Kathmandu, how cool does that sound.

Remembering Dr Tania Lienert

January 4, 2011

Myself and many others in the LGBT community are mourning the loss of Tania Lienert who died on 9th December 2010 as a result of a car accident. She was a shining light to many of us and worked on a range of important issues of social justice. Tania was kind, gentle and always made time for others. Her untimely death has had an enormous impact on many.

Tania was a much respected intellectual and her achievements in both the academic and LGBT scenes were highly regarded. Many will remember her for the good work she did with Aids Council of New South Wales (ACON) in the Northern Rivers area where she was manager. Tania’s last role was working with the University Department of Rural Health in Lismore where she was co-ordinating a primary health care research development programme. Tania always worked incredibly hard and with a great deal of passion to provide and improve services to the gay and lesbian community. She really did make a difference to people’s lives.

When I first met Tania and her partner Debs I had been here in Australia for a couple of years, I love being in Australia but at times being so far away from my family can be hard. I feel very much that I found a family in Debs and Tania and it is one that I will always cherish.

Tania and Debs, have always shown me compassion, understanding, respect and forgiveness, qualities that are the foundations of a good strong family. To me they are family and Tania will forever be in my heart.

2010 in review

January 4, 2011

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