Going Green

Some of you may recall I wrote a post about my attempt to “Going Organic” https://macarthursmutterings.wordpress.com/2010/06/16/going-organic/ well I’m not doing too bad, still only buying organic milk, meats, butter and eggs and always keep an eye out for organic options when buying other food items. Another thing I have been trying to do in lessen my carbon foot print by being as green as possible. I am also more and more concerned about my contribution to landfills.  I don’t drive a car so that helps a great deal and if I ever fly I always pay the extra contribution to off-set my carbon impact. It’s not much and it is well worth doing.

We recycle all our glass, plastic and paper waste at home, made easier by the fact that our local authority provide relevant recycle bins. I also take home the plastic waste from work to put into our bins. As currently only paper is collected for recycling.

But another thing I did recently was to buy a few “Keep Cup” for our office so that we don’t use a paper cup (and plastic lid) every day, this means that I will NOT be using and throwing away at least 260 cups and lids a year (I tend to have just one cup of coffee a day). Just think about how many you might be using a year and maybe consider making this small but important gesture.

To find out more about Keep Cups check out their website: http://www.keepcup.com/


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2 Responses to “Going Green”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hey Colin – I LOVE my keep cup and bought one for my Mum. We’ve just started to take one to our cafe for Fin (he’s slightly keep cup obsessed) and get them to put a baby-cino in there for him…whoch he then pours over himself, but what the hey.

    Somehow we have four keep cups in a house of two plus a baby…

    And excited you are still as “organic as possible” – one Sunday you should come over to our local markets. Great for brekky – and lots of great organic stuff


  2. macarthursmutterings Says:

    Oh bless, I want to come and have a coffee with Fin, I have three of them, I like having a variety of colours to choose from 😉

    Will defo take you up on that Sunday offer

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