RIP Jane Russell

OK to be honest, I thought she was already dead! But having heard the news this week that Jane Russell had died I was sad and because over the years I have actually really enjoyed a couple of her movies. She was described as “mean, moody and magnificent” which is probably what attracted me to her.  Her debut was back in 1943 in The Outlaw and it was that magnificent cleavage that got all the attention, that and her acting of course. Joking asides, she was, in my opinion, a talented actress, however this talent was overshadowed a bit by her sex bomb image that she also played up to. The film I like her in the most is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe, from 1953.

Apparently she had a 38-inch bust line, and this is what got the attention of Howard Hughes, who as legend has it, used his knowledge of aerodynamics to design a bra her. Much later in life she appeared in television commercials promoting bras, most notably the ‘18-hour bra for Playtex’.

A less well known fact about her was that she adopted three children of her own, and as a result of the difficulties she faces, she set up an organisation called the World Adoption International Fund (WAIF), which has resulted in the adoptive placement of tens of thousands children.

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