Be green and save some money…

I know I have written about ways to be ‘more green’ before but this time thought I would write something that not only helps you be more environmentally friendly but can also help you lower your energy bills. And seeing as everyone keeps moaning about how expensive energy bills will be with the introduction of the carbon tax I thought this might appeal to some of you. Although it has to be said I would rather pay a higher electricity bill and have cleaner air than not!!!! I think it a little odd that most people in Australia would not tolerate drinking dirty water or even recycled water, but are happy to let the air they breathe continue to be polluted…. Anyway, I digress. So here you go some easy tips to help you:

1 – Turn the power off at the switch, according to Origin leaving appliances on standby cost the average home $180 a year

2 – Hang the washing up to dry, don’t use the tumble dryer.  Apparently is you use a dryer on average twice a week you would save $300 a year

3 – If you insist on using the dryer be sure to keep the filter nice and clean, having a lint free dryer makes it 50% more efficient

4 – Get your hands wet, in other words stop using the dishwasher, or alternatively put it on just before you go to bed, this would mean it runs during the ‘off peak’ which cost you less and electricity providers don’t have to work so hard to meet demand

5 – Use a frontloader washing machine instead of a toploader (yes people in the UK top loaders are still being sold in Australia).  Frontloaders tend to not only use less water but also use less energy to run

6 – Turn the computer off when you are done using it, apparently this could save the average user $240 a year and of course less energy

7 – Turn the lights off, an oldie buy a goody, I mean why does the light need to be on if you are not in the room!

8 – Only boil what you need, in other words don’t fill up the kettle if you are only making one cup

There you go some nice simple steps which mean you will be using less energy and hence saving money while at the same time helping the planet to breathe a little more easily.

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2 Responses to “Be green and save some money…”

  1. Lord Norton Says:

    “yes people in the UK top loaders are still being sold in Australia”. Really? Oh dear.

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