Hello new friend….

So I turned 40 in June and now I have my first grey pubic hair…. Now I could lament this and get all woe is me about it, but I am going to embrace it and make friends with him, after all lots of his friends have taken up residence on my head over the past few years. I must admit though I did have that initial thought of “should I pull it out” but it was just a fleeting thought.

I always told myself I would keep my first one and have it framed on a balk background and displayed proudly somewhere in my home. After all he does usher in a new phase of my life.

I am actually really looking forward to this next phase and am curious to see where it takes me, I know some people suffer from gerascophobia (a fear of growing old) but I am not one of those people. Admittedly when I was younger I did, but now I am just grateful to have got as far as I have and welcome the chance to grow old.

I noticed in my early 30’s that my perspective with regards to how I felt about getting older started to shift, and this made me look at life on a whole different level. I felt free of the some of the fears I associated with aging and this helped me to really live in the moment, something that I had always strived to do and something I am now a big fan of.

The arrival of my new friend has surprisingly made me think about what is ahead for me rather than make me think about what has come before, where I have been and what I have done.  So welcome I say, and your arrival is a unexpectedly welcome one.


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4 Responses to “Hello new friend….”

  1. Lord Norton Says:

    Wait until you are 50. Or even a little older than that.

  2. macarthursmutterings Says:

    Give me a chance I only JUST turned 40

  3. Narinda Algar Says:

    I LOVE this blog. I have to say, I have been struggling with my age lately – not for myself, I am a big fan of ‘growing older gracefully’ without botox, hair extensions or too much interference (bar hair dye & a bit of fake tan in Feb when I am see through!!). No, it’s not me I worry for, but it is the age when I will probably have to face a lot of loss because of my parents & their friends (my surragate auntie & uncles!). I dread this, and am trying to be sensible about it, but having had my babies; who are rapidly growing up. I am now thinking about the day they leave home/meet unsuitable mates etc & my age fills me with horror at times! It’s not the grey pube – it’s not even me! It’s the fact that everyone else is growing older too. My sister & I tried to work it out on a 2 hour phone call to each other recently, the only positive we could come up with was maybe, just maybe we will get one more flash of freedom (from kids & responsibilities) before we are too old to care!!

  4. macarthursmutterings Says:

    One more flash of freedom, I like that, my kids are only just about to be born so my flash of freedom is coming to an end. At least as we get older we get wiser, well most of us do 😉

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