Producing good swimmers…

Ok, this posting might not be for everyone, but most of you know I am trying to become a daddy so thought I would share with you some tips I have learned for ‘producing good swimmers’.

Now there are the obvious, drink less, don’t smoke, lose weight, limit your coffee intake and try not to overheat, no long soaks in a hot bath…  but there is more to it than that.

Make sure you get plenty of vitamin C, this protects sperm from oxidative damage and improves a condition called ‘agglutination’ where sperm may stick together. Vitamin C should be consumed daily as it cannot be stored by the body for long periods of time. You can take supplements by try eating vitamin C rich foods each day such as capsicums, citrus fruit), kiwi fruit, broccoli, peas, sprouts and tomatoes (I’ll pass on the tomatoes).

Vitamin E is also powerful anti-oxidant which destroys ‘free radicals’ found in the body, These are a result of toxic society we live in (who cheery I hear you say). These have been shown to cause DNA damage to a man’s sperm. A  daily intake of Vitamin E will help protect each sperm cells membrane, preventing DNA damage.

The other more commonly known aspect is that Zinc can restore testosterone levels and increase both fertility and potency. Again there are plenty of brands that offer this in a tablet form, but you can also get it by eating oysters, diets high in protein (meats and legumes), whole grains, brewer’s yeast, wheat bran, wheat germ, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds, mushroom, seafood, egg yolk & organ meats (I do love a bit of offal).

Now the good part…. Arginine is an amino acid found in protein which increases cellular replication, just what is needed if you want to produce more sperm. It also becomes a physical part of the sperm’s structure (it forms part of the head). Some protein foods have high levels, and some low levels of Arginine, so it is important to try and get the balance right. Foods high in Arginine; Dairy, meat and poultry, and fish are good sources, and nuts, chocolate and watermelon – the good part being we don’t have to feel guilty for eating all that chocolate.

A deficiency of Vitamin B12 leads to reduced sperm counts and reduced sperm motility (the good swimmer part).  Again you can get this into your diet by eating beef liver, cheese, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt and butter. If supplementing Vitamin B12 apparently the sublingual tablets (dissolve under the tongue) are much better absorbed by the body or your doctor can inject it.

Selenium is a mineral which improves the motility of sperm cells, which means they swim better and will increase your chance of conception. Studies show that it helps make up the physical structure of the sperm ‘tails’. This can be sourced by eating Brazil nuts, seafood, oysters, whole grains, yeast, sesame seeds, wheat germ and wheat bran

And finally, be sure to get some Ginseng in you. The Chinese have been using it for thousands of years, and now research has confirmed the chemicals in ginseng stimulate the hypothalamus in the brain to direct the production of hormones that stimulate cell growth in the sex organs. It also promotes blood circulation for erectile strength and raises testosterone levels.

Now with all that in mind, go forth and multiply….


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2 Responses to “Producing good swimmers…”

  1. gay blogger Says:

    Simple but very helpful tips for couples who are trying to conceive their own child. I will surely reblog this, thanks!

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