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Who wants to be a daddy Part 2…

July 23, 2012

Can you believe it was back in May last year that I posted this about my desire to become a dad:

It feels like just yesterday, but then again it feels like a lifetime ago as well as so much has happened. You will know from other posts that I have written that this is something that has been a dream of mine for a long time, and the journey to parenthood has not been all that straightforward. But that journey is moving forward and by the end of this year (well more likely November) I will be the father to not one but two bundles of joy.

It seems all the hard work and patience is being rewarded twice over. I was I must admit a little nervous/surprised when I got the call to say it was twins, even though there was an indication it might be, hearing ii for real is something.  For a while I kept thinking “kids” not “kid”… two, there are going to be two of them… any child is an exciting prospect but twins, well now that it just twice as exciting.

Now that it is all happening of course I am worried about how good a dad I will be, and should I be doing this or that etc etc. Some people have asked me how ‘different’ will it mean things will be for me and the mother now that there are two instead of just the one on the way, but you know what, I can’t answer that because we will have no benchmark. The main difference is we just have to think of and agree on extra names, because now we need two boys and girls names just in case. I was hoping for some Star Wars themed names but that got vetoed.

No we do not know what gender they will be, we both want to be surprised, I am actually really looking forward to the Dr saying, “congratulations it is a…..”. Although that said at the last scan one of them was kicking it’s legs about and I got all blokey and have convinced myself it must be a boy and he is going to be a football player (where is all this macho shit coming from), and I won’t even begin to tell you about some of the dreams I have been having….

Anyway, we are halfway there and mother and babies are all growing nicely (I might get it in the neck for saying that) and not only that but the smile on my face just gets bigger and bigger every day….