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Political Parties chasing the Pink Vote

August 28, 2012

I know I have talked about brands targeting the Pink Dollar before when I looked at Coca-Cola and Grey Goose supporting the Winter Party Festival (WPF) in the US and Mardi Gras here in Australia being supported by Virgin Australia, ANZ, Google and Finlandia Vodka, for example.

Well this time I want to talk about Political Parties chasing the Pink Vote. We have some elections coming up in Sydney which sees the  political fight for dominance of Sydney Council being taken to the LGBT Community, why is that?

Well is it one of the few electorates in Australia where the ‘pink vote’ can and does make a difference. If you have spent much time in places like Darlinghurst and Surry Hills you will know that LGBT individuals are both an important and integral part of these communities, and their voice not only matters but is worth listening to.

With this in mind, and with elections just around the corner, the council recently announced some new funding, if all goes to plan Mardi Gras would get $400,000 in funding over the next two years. This might sound like a lot, but a conservative estimate of the average number of spectators a year is 300,000. It is estimated that MG delivers an annual economic impact of $29 million to Sydney and NSW. This is the direct result of international and interstate visitors travelling specifically for Mardi Gras events, so $400,000 is not all that much really, they could be doing more.

Labor’s candidate for the position of Lord Mayor has claimed a Labor run Town Hall would commit $3.2 million to MG and Aids Council of NSW (ACON) over four years, no small sum. And apparently a future Liberal Government will work with MG to ensure “it grows as one of Sydney’s most important cultural and social events and as a major tourism driver for the state”, although I am unaware of any actual sum of commitment in dollar terms.

Don’t get me wrong, all this ‘possible’ support and funding is crucial and long overdue, but LGBT voters don’t just think about how the parties support them at election time only (ok for some that may be true). Like any constituent they think about how political parties represent then (or don’t) most of the year and as such maybe those who want to win, and stay in power, in Sydney ought to pay more heed to the Pink Vote all year round and not just at election time.

Swimming for a good cause

August 16, 2012

In 1882 The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow Scotland first opened its doors to patients. It specialises in paediatric healthcare and is commonly referred to simply as Yorkhill. It provides care for newborn babies right up to children around 13 years of age, including a specialist Accident and Emergency facility. Iit’s very first patient was a 5-year-old boy with curvature of the spine. A more recent patient was Isobel Duncan, my niece by proxy, whose entry into the world was a traumatic one which resulted in the loss of the use of her right arm due to nerve damage (known as an Erb’s Palsy).

Yorkhill were able to provide pioneering surgery for such injuries and when Isobel was 4 months old she underwent a 7 hour operation whereby nerves were taken from her legs and grafted onto the damaged area. Isobel is now 2 years old and able to use her right arm and hopefully as time passes it will continue to improve, the treatment she has received so far has already improved her quality of life massively. This would not have been possible without the specialist treatment provided by the hospital.

Yorkhill Hospital is the sole Scottish provider of a number of highly specialised services including cardiac surgery, kidney and bone marrow transplants, paediatric intensive care and endoprosthetic bone replacement. It is also one of the only four UK children’s hospitals with an ECMO machine offering life support for children. So you can see how important funding is for such crucial work to continue.

And with this in mind on Saturday 25th August Isobel’s father will be taking part in the Great Scottish Swim, which is a 2 mile open water swim. His aim is to raise much needed money for Yorkhill Children’s Foundation which provides enhanced medical equipment and resources which benefit sick children and babies who are treated at Yorkhill. These can include innovative medical equipment, improvements in child and family facilities and paediatric research and training.

By donating to this worthy cause you will help them to acquire the equipment and resources they need to continue their excellent work, and also encourage Ross to get into that cold Scottish water knowing he is doing a great job, to sponsor Ross click on this link:

You can find out more about the Foundation here:

Has the KFC Colonel come out of the closet?

August 7, 2012

“Yep, let it be known that Colonel Sanders loves the gays. Hell, I might even be gay” proclaims John Goodman as the famous KFC Colonel.

This is in a video that was made for in reaction to the storm sparked in the US by a competitor to KFC, Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay marriage stance.

KFC are obviously using this opportunity to win over some of those pink dollars that will have been lost by Chock-fil-A as a result of it having donated $4 million to right-wing groups that oppose the legalization of gay marriage. The company’s president said last month they are “guilty as charged” when it comes to supporting the “biblical definition of the family unit.”

Dressed in the Colonel’s signature white-suite, Goodman uses his exaggerated impression to clearly mock Chick-fil-A. “I love all gay people always have. And, we’re open on Sundays,” he says, Chick-fil-A is only open Monday through Saturday for religious reasons. And to impress his point of view on the audience he goes on to say, “The only church the Colonel attends on Sunday is the church of chicken”.

But what I find most refreshing is the fact that the “Colonel” says he doesn’t actually care about beliefs and that in the end it all comes to money.

Watch the video here: