Well done The Greens and Mr Greenwich

Ok I know the Sydney by-election was almost a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it still worth jotting down some interested facts about it….

One thing that caught my eye was how well The Greens did given the press had written them off before hand as having peaked and were in decline in terms of electoral support. They actually increased their primary vote to 17.7% which is the best primary vote that they have ever achieved in Sydney. This represents a 5% swing in favour of them from the 2011 election results, so well done The Greens. In places such as St Barnabas’ Broadway, Ultimo Public and St Peters’ Surry Hills, they enjoyed swings of up to 15%.

Although Cover Moore was no longer able to hold the seat, she still played a large role in the by-election having endorsed and then actively campaigned for the independent candidate Alex Greenwich. And boy did he do well. Mr Greenwich’s vote was just short of 50%. Take into account the fact that only once did Clover Moore’s first preference vote pass 40%, however she had polled above 36% at every election since 1991, then this result for Mr Greenwich can also be seen as a clear rebuke by the electorate for the O’Farrell government’s action to push Clover out of her seat in the first place, oh they got 30% of the vote a swing away from them of circa 5%.

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