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Who wants to be a daddy Part 4

December 20, 2012

photoWow, it has finally happened I have become a daddy, twice over to two adorable little boys. Charles and MacArthur were born on the 6th December and I have fallen in love with them a .little bit more each day since then. I was very calm in the lead up to the big event, I think having waited so long and tried so hard to become a dad a part of me was waiting till they were both here and I could hold them in my arms before I really truly believe it was all real and happening.

On the day and all through the process I stayed calm and focussed and in awe of what a great job mum to be was doing. The babies had to go straight into a special care unit for 24hrs (just precautionary) and I went with them while mum was in recovery and it was not till that moment that it struck me that they were here in the world and I was their dad and would forever have them in my heart that I suddenly was overcome with emotion and shed a few tear, ok I blubbered a little, all those years of yearning to be a dad finally coming to fruition, it was a moment I will treasure forever, especially when they are misbehaving and driving me crazy.

I wrote a little while back about how the family I was looking to create is a somewhat modern family, and although I had a little bit of negative response, on the whole most people were very supportive and encouraging, and I have been blow away by generosity of support we have received and want to publicly acknowledge my gratitude for this.

My journey to becoming a dad has finally ended, but my journey as a dad is just beginning.

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