Sustainable fishing and organic….

fish4ever-1354713337_600Some of you may recall a previous post of mine where I praised the local supermarkets for their claim that they would be sourcing fish on a sustainable basis. Well sad to say I still struggle to see such products in Woolworths or Coles, however Harris Farm continue to do so and in fact have increased the choice of products on shelf.

The brand that I have been buying of late is Fish4Ever, I love the fact that this brand is proud to have the smallest boat in the global tuna industry, just think about what it means to say this…

It means they are not over fishing and are truly being more sustainable minded.

They promise the consumer that they have good sourcing practices, from the fishing itself all the way through to the people that produce it and the communities impacted. And not only that but it is all organic to boot, and organic foods are something we should all try to buy, something else that I have written about in the past.

Organic food is natural, not only that, it is more often than not of a higher quality because of the production and ingredient standards required. In addition to this it is free from artificial additives and colouring. Many of the enzymes, fillers and processes allowed for conventional products are not allowed in organic production. Oh and did you know organic food is GM free and does not use irradiation. And on top of that organic farming bans the use of antibiotics and the vast majority of pesticides, fungicides and other chemical treatments, which can sometimes end up as residues in the foods we eat.

Anyway, Fish4Ever have been delivering a sustainable business model since 2001. But it’s not just about the sea — it’s also about the people that do the fishing and their local communities. As they put it, “Traditional fishing communities are the guardians of the sea” and they live by this motto and take action as a brand by campaigning for better fishing, oh and they produce bloody nice food.


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