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Scotland – to be or not to be, that is the question…..

September 17, 2014

Scotland-Countries-Flag-Wallpaper Both sides in the Scottish referendum debate are making their final pitch to voters on the last day of campaigning and from what I have seen they have both ratcheted up the rhetoric in the last few days, but then there is a hell of a lot at stake. Is the Yes vote wins does it mean Great Britain will be a little less great!? And what might it mean to peoples sense on ‘nationality’, will those that think of themselves as British be any less British if the nation itself is decreased? Actually if the Union loses Scotland it will lose 32% of its landmass and say goodbye to 8% of its population.
I have been incredibly engrossed by the debate and am desperate to know what my friends who can vote will vote. I feel oddly engaged in a way that surprises me, I feel like I ought to have some kind of a say, or at least a right to an opinion, but am I Scottish? Well what am I is a good question? One that has come up among my friends and I on several occasions.
I was born in England, but spent some of my early years living in Africa, I have a Scottish surname, my grandfather on my father’s side was very much a Scott but I live in Australia and am now an Australian citizenship, and I have two boys who are both Australian and British (although I have not yet sorted their passport – for either country). I feel a strong connection with my Scottish roots even though I have never lived there and hardly know my oh so Scottish grandfather, so am I entitled to a voice on this matter or not? I guess this blog post is just that so I have already answered that question.
If I were allowed to vote I am not sure what I would do, much like the latest polls suggest the results remain too close to call, with a slender lead for a “No” vote, I think I am leaning (just) to a no myself, but the Yes could still swing.
Alex Salmond, First Minister for Scotland, says the 300-year-old Union is no longer “fit for purpose” that seems a bit harsh to be me, it is a political union that has stood since 1707, ok I admit not always a smooth ride, but the union itself has evolved a hell of a lot over that time and especially of late. He also said recently “The people who for a few precious hours during polling day hold sovereignty, power, authority in their hands. It’s the greatest most empowering moment any of us will ever have. Scotland’s future – our country in our hands.” Those are powerful words which pack a real emotional punch and I would challenge any eligible voter not to feel the weight of these words.