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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” so said John F. Kennedy.

May 7, 2015

Today is my last day in my current role, one which I have had for almost four years and in a month or so I start a new job and a new chapter in my life. On my walk into the office this morning I thought about how life, if you let it, can be a constant teacher that we can learn and grow from. I learned at an early age to embrace change, as a child my family lived overseas and at times we might only have been in one location for a year or two at most. Not only that we went from liberal UK society to the rigid apartheid society of South Africa and then back again all in fairly formative years of mine.

If I look back over the past twenty years or so I have gone through some fairly major changes, some forced on me by circumstances out of my control others instigated by me. However, but all of them have made my life richer, even those that were part of fairly traumatic experiences.

Perhaps one of the biggest life changes I made was the decision to move from London to Sydney some ten years ago. At the time I had a great job, wonderful network of friends and was able to see more of my family than I had in a while. I knew I was taking a huge risk by coming here, but I also knew that in the past when I have had the courage to step outside of my comfort zone the risk has almost always paid off. I knew it could all have gone wrong but at the same time I said to myself, “What is the worst that can happen? If it all goes tits up you just move back home again”.

The only thing that was holding me back was the fear that it might go wrong. But more often than not fear is the main reason people stay in their comfort zone, and the move was about getting out of mine. I had to remind myself that when it comes down to stepping outside of my comfort zone, there are two things that could happen: success or failure, but no matter which of these happens I always learn and grow from them.

Changes will always happen in life and I am on the cusp of some fairly big changes that are going to happen in mine, these could overwhelm me or I could see them as a new chapter in my life. I hope that is exactly what I do; I see them as they ought to be seen, as a new chapter in my life, presenting new opportunities to gain knowledge and experience. Life has thrown me some real curve balls over the years and each time I have been given a chance to discover new people, new places and new skills.

Bring on the next chapter….