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Why I support those who are protesting as part of the Extinction Rebellion movement

October 31, 2019

I know many of you feels frustrated or annoyed by some of the recent action taken by the Extinction Rebellion, but at least these people are out there trying to get our governments to take notice and take some ‘real’ action on climate change, not just make hollow promises that they fail to deliver on time and time again. . Extinction Rebellion is a socio-political movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance to compel government action on climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. You might think this is all ‘a but over the top’, so I thought I would take an example of something that is close to home for those if us who live in Australia. Our Great barrier Reef is in danger of no longer being ‘great’, in fact it like coral reefs all over the world are under threat from climate change. Here are some interesting facts to give you some perspective…

  • Coral Reefs take up a fraction of a percent of the sea floor but support a quarter of the planet’s fish biodiversity.
  • The fish that reefs shelter are especially valuable to their poorest human neighbours, many of whom depend on them as a source of protein. Roughly an eighth of the world’s population lives within 100km of a reef.
  • Due to human activity, corals face the most complex mixture of conditions they have yet had to deal with.
  • According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a rise in global temperatures of 1.5°C relative to pre-industrial times could cause coral reefs to decline by 70-90%
  • The planet is already about 1°C hotter than in the 19th century and its seas are becoming warmer, stormier and more acidic.
  • “coral bleaching” is happening five times as often as it did in the 1970s. The most recent such event, between 2014 and 2017, affected about three-quarters of the world’s reefs
  • Corals also protect 150,000km of shoreline in more than 100 countries and territories from the ocean’s buffeting, as well as generating billions of dollars in tourism revenue.
  • In the Coral Triangle, an area of water stretching across South-East Asia and into the Pacific which is home to three-quarters of known coral species, more than 130m people rely on reefs for food and for their livelihoods in fishing and tourism.

What do you think will happen to those 130m people once we have irreparable damaged our corals? They will likely become climate refugees that is what. More importantly, the corals are just one part of the worlds eco-system that is under threat. This shit is real people, it is already happening, and yet our governments do nothing of real significance to address this. So maybe don’t be so angry or frustrated at those taking time out of their lives to protest so that we can go about living our lives.